CSS in Pakistan

Introduction To CSS Exam in Pakistan:

CSS in Pakistan stands for Central Superior Service Exam. This rigorous and competitive evaluation is conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) annually. It includes a written examination, medical and psychological assessment, and Interview. This comprehensive guide is professionally designed to deliver you all the prerequisite information you need to clear the CSS in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for CSS in Pakistan highlighted different requirements, that candidates must meet before applying for the exam.

Age Limit:

CSS applicants need to be between 21 and 30 years of December 31st preceding the exam. However, there is an age relaxation policy for government employees.

Degree Requirement:

The aspirants must have cleared their Bachelor’s or equivalent degree with 2nd division from an HEC-recognized university. The candidates having 3rd Division or so can only appear in the exam if they have 1st or 2nd division Master or higher degrees in hand.


To appear in the CSS exam in Pakistan you must be a citizen of Pakistan or the State of Jammu and Azad Kashmir.

CSS Exam Syllabus Overview

CSS Exam comprises a diverse syllabus including a range of subjects. The CSS subjects in Pakistan are divided into three groups:

  • MPT Exam
  • Compulsory Subjects
  • Optional Subjects

MPT (MCQs-Based Preliminary Test):

It is a screening test to shortlist candidates for the next phase i.e., the CSS written examination. This test aims to select only serious candidates to appear in the CSS written examination. In this 200-mark paper, you will have to attempt two papers: 

a. General Knowledge (G.K) and Ability. The subjects included in this paper are:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies
  • Ethics (for non-muslims)
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge
  • Analytical Reasoning

b. The Current Affairs papers include:

  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Current Events
  • International Affairs

CSS Compulsory Subjects:

  • English Essay and Composition: Essay writing analyzes the candidate’s creative skills by expressing his ideas on multiple topics.
  • English Precise and Composition: Evaluate the language skills of aspirants.
  • General Science and Ability: Monitor General knowledge, logical reasoning, and analytical skills
  • Current Affairs: Check the level of awareness of candidates for national and international issues.
  • Pakistan Affairs: Assess knowledge of Pakistan’s geography, history, and socio-political dynamics.
  • Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion: Mark the understanding of Islamic principles or comparative religions.

CSS Optional Subjects:

Candidates can opt for the subjects in which they have a stronger background. These optional CSS subjects in Pakistan cover various fields.

  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Mathematics

Candidates should keenly go through the CSS syllabus shared by the FPSC. Three chances are there for each candidate to pass this competitive exam. You can plan your schedule for CSS exam preparation in Pakistan depending upon the sole requirement of each subject to maximize your chances of success.

Solving CSS Exam Papers

There are 3 hours for each CSS written exam, with a total of 12 papers held over 6 consecutive days. These exams are held at the centers assigned by FPSC.

In the English essay paper, you have to choose one topic from 8-10 options and write a well-structured essay within the given time limit.  This paper can be difficult to tackle but with effective CSS exam preparation and time management, you can score high in them. 

The remaining 10 papers include both objective and subjective sections. These papers include a variety of topics, subjects, and events, some targeting analytical skills and others on factual knowledge. Putting in some extra effort like relevant maps, and graphical representation can help candidates clear the exam with flying colors.

Psychological Assessment Test (PAT)

Before heading towards the interview you must undergo a psychological assessment test. This evaluation involves written tasks and group activities to judge your psychological characteristics and compatibility with the given roles. The written task requires candidates to share their thoughts on given topics or scenarios, which are carefully analyzed by trained psychologists to assess personality traits, emotional stability, and thought processes. The PAT is a crucial part of the selection process, offering valuable insights into candidates’ potential success in Pakistan’s civil services.

Panel Interview

The final merit of CSS in Pakistan is compiled by summing up your performance in the written exam, PAT, interview, and medical examination. Candidates with the highest score are selected for employment in multiple groups within the civil services of Pakistan.

Passing marks for the CSS Exam

The passing marks for compulsory CSS subjects in Pakistan are 40 percent and for optional it’s 33 percent. Although, you require an aggregate of 600 marks out of the 1200 marks for interview eligibility. The weightage of the interview is 300 marks and you have to clear it for final selection. You can easily crack this challenging competition by seeking guidance on CSS exam preparation platforms in Pakistan.

How To Apply for CSS in Pakistan?

You can check out the dates of the upcoming CSS exam in any newspaper every September. The following are the steps to apply for the CSS in Pakistan:

  • Pay the exam fee at the nearby Govt. Treasury State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “CO2101-Organs of State Exam fee (FPSC Receipt).
  • Fill out the Online Application Form on the FPSC website and take a hard copy of it.
  • Now just forward the hard copy of the application form along with copies of your documents and bank receipt to the FPSC headquarters, in Islamabad.

CSS National and Regional Quotas

The FPSC allocates seat allotments based on present quotas that have been nominated to ensure fair representation of candidates from multiple sets of backgrounds. The CSS 2024 Quotas are as follows:


Sr. No.







Azad Kashmir











  • Urban Areas (Karachi, Hyderabad, and Sukkur)

  • Rural Areas (rest of Sindh).

40% of 19%

 60% of 19%







Career Opportunities for CSS Officers

This daring examination is a gateway to renowned career pathways in multiple government departments as a BS-17 grade officer. The CSS officer has the golden opportunity to choose any of the following sectors:

  • Commerce and Trade Services
  • Custom and Excise Services
  • District Management Group
  • Foreign Services of Pakistan
  • Income Tax Group
  • Military Lands and Cantonment Group
  • Information Group
  • Office Management Group
  • Pakistan Administrative Services
  • Pakistan Audit and Account Service
  • Postal Services Group and Railways Group (Commercial and Transportation)

It’s important that once you submit all your required documents, they can never be changed for the current or any future exam. This eligibility criteria and examination schedule ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process for the CSS exam in Pakistan.


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